We do it differently.
We do it better.

Studying cinematography and directing respectively, we formed a partnership during our first year of undergrad at the Savannah College of Art and Design, collaborating on every project together. After graduation with degrees in film and television, we moved to the West Coast and began working full time with various production studios. It was a busy and exciting time!

After a few years of honing our skills, we moved back east to be close to family and start our own production studio. We made a name for ourselves shooting short, narrative films, music videos, and creative commercial work. We have filmed for Under Armour, Facebook, STX, and even had one of our short films accepted into several prestigious festivals around the world.

In late 2017, the time had come to launch a Wedding and Events branch of our company. There was a missing element to the standard wedding videos we were seeing around, so with some careful love and focus we knew we could achieve greater heights with our wedding films. This expansion has allowed us to share our passion on an unparalleled personal level and we are excited to elevate your wedding film to its maximum potential.



Andrew Wecht

Enjoys disc-golfing and board gaming. Still waiting for that spinner to fall in Inception.


Omar Abushaikha

Frequents Ocean City and Fortnite servers. Biggest Goodfellas fan alive.