We know family comes first, and your wedding day is the start of a new family legacy. We bring cinematic “movie-magic” to our wedding films with intention, transforming your special day into an everlasting memory—a film full of emotion and impact.

We offer four carefully curated packages designed to provide flexible options for your unique needs. We take commissions on a first-come, first-served basis, and a retainer fee with a signed agreement are required to reserve your date. Keep in mind, all packages are completely customizable and can be adjusted to suit your wedding’s needs. Please feel free to drop us a line.




  • 2 cinematographers

  • 8 hours of comprehensive same-day coverage

  • Personalized flash drive and packaging delivered directly to you

  • Digital download of film, easy for sharing

  • Uncompromising service with a smile



This flagship package gives you tons of carefully curated and professionally edited media for cherishing and sharing. This film is closer to long-form traditional wedding films of the past, allowing more time for main events such as toasts, dances, and beyond, but retains our signature cinematic touch. Big and small, we fit as many magical candid moments we can into this film for an unforgettable experience. If a picture is worth a thousand words, at 24 frames per second, your Motion Picture is worth at least 17,280 pictures.

STARTS AT $6,500

  • 12-15 minute cinematic film

  • 4 bonus hours of coverage (totaling 12)

  • Additional assistant for key moments

  • 3-5 minute Spotlight film

  • Complimentary Engagement Session



Our most popular wedding film package covers the essentials of your wedding day and provides a medium length memorable masterpiece. In Hollywood only the very best footage makes the cut, and at Ten Twenty Seven Films we adhere to the same policy. Experience your day in cinematic style and have comfort knowing the moments that only happen once in a lifetime can be experienced together, again and again for many joyful lifetimes.

STARTS AT $4,800

  • 7-10 minute cinematic film

  • 2 bonus hours of coverage (totaling 10)

  • Complimentary Engagement Session



This simple yet elegant package is a fantastic choice for those looking to have their special day captured in the lens of a cinematic film montage. This highlight showcases the best of the best from your day, seamlessly interweaving key moments from your wedding with no reservations of creativity. Your Spotlight is especially great for sharing with family and friends and is a staple for the modern age. In addition, we include our incredibly popular Instagram edit, free of cost, so the magic is always just one touch away from being shared.

STARTS AT $3,500

  • 3-5 minute cinematic film

  • Complimentary Instagram Edit



Relive your special day over and over again with this cinematic time-capsule. The Trailer is our most affordable option, allowing you to enjoy your wedding experience time and time again without feeling like you’ve missed any of the special moments. Great for sharing and quick enjoyment, you might be surprised how much emotion we can fit into your Trailer—even the smallest of films have our Ten Twenty Seven Films magic.

STARTS AT $1,950

  • 2 minute cinematic film

  • 6* hours of total coverage



This casual session is a unique opportunity to have some one on one time with our team without the usual hustle and bustle of a wedding day and all of its surprises. We collaborate with you to find the perfect backdrop location for your escapade and capture extremely cinematic footage of you two doing what you do best—enjoying each other’s company. We then edit those moments to serve as a standalone save-the-date video or integrate them into your final wedding film for breathtaking results. This session will add approximately 1-2 minutes to your final wedding film.



Similar to an Engagement Session, during this session our team also interviews each of you in a laid-back setting for special insight into your relationship. This serves to add an extra dimension of story to your wedding edit for a truly personal film. Optional interviews of additional family and friends can be included at your discretion for a small surcharge. This session will add approximately 1-2 minutes to your final wedding film.

STARTS AT $1,000


Big things come in small packages with this 30-60 second edit. Formatted specifically for social media, this add-on encapsulates and delivers the very best moments from your special day. This option is perfect for those who want maximum shareability without compromising emotional impact. As a bonus perk we work hard to ensure your edit is delivered within 2 weeks of your wedding date so you, your family, and friends don’t have to pine.



As the name implies, this special bonus is delivered directly to you by the end of the night. How you experience this film is completely up to you—privately, together, or screened in front of your entire reception party! While our primary cinematographers continue to roll cameras, we invite an editing guru to join us for the day to instantly get to work on cutting footage from your preparations, ceremony, sessions, and first dance. This is a unique way to relive the moments that fly-by and share a laugh (or happy tear) with your guests!

STARTS AT $1,750


Drone / Aerial Video

We partner with Anthem Aerials to give you an unparalleled view of your wedding day from the skies. Their pilots are fully licensed and dedicated to capturing stunning drone visuals, allowing us to focus on getting top-notch footage from the ground. Definitely consider this add-on for outdoor festivities. Can also be added to an engagement session!



The perfect companion to your cinematic highlight, the Documentary Edit allows you to experience key moments of your wedding day in full. You’ll be flooded with heartwarming memories when watching your neatly cut, multi-camera film that showcases any major moments of your wedding that you choose (e.g.: ceremony, first dances, speeches, etc.). Sometimes you just want to relive your big moments from start to finish—and we understand that completely! This film is the closest to traditional wedding films of the past. The price of this add-on will depend on the scale of your celebration and events of the day.

RANGES FROM $800-$1200